Patrick Lyons is a rare poet. An entity in the form of the late Jock Scot, and Phil Dirtbox, with a bit of Phil Spector on a horse thrown in – he wheels from the bar to stage ranch, with a born in the USA voice echoing mystic experience. Pulling diamonds from the rough, an enthusiastic talent seeker, acolytes seek that rare frisson of legitimacy, passed on from one generation to another, joining he and fellow accommodator, Hankdog, in bands, for troubadour juju across South London. His band is called MeU, where a host of talent back his racanteuring magick.

Patrick performed at a classic night we did at The Social, London. This was published in Cold Lips 05, a very limited edition zine, which was sold and given away at shows in Berlin and Prague. Thank you to all contributors.

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