Two of the best documenteurs of subculture were united on these two pages in the fifth edition of Cold Lips.

Britain’s best street photographer, Derek Ridgers, who studied aside Freddie Mercury at Ealing Art School, before turning his lens on the faces beneath the mass ocean who create the waves, his extensive and highly important archive has recently been taken on by friend of Cold Lips, Faye Dowling, who is also responsible for the excellent pop-up Goth Shop.

Paired with the level-headed acerbic talent of Tim Wells, the great ambassador of London’s spoken word scene, mentoring, sieving, whilst slamming most to corners, the Stoke Newington originator is a tireless, and prolific groundsman. He was first published in Cold Lips 01.

Only 50 editions of these were printed to be given away and sold at shows in Prague and Berlin. The shortest run we’ve ever done. If you are keen for us to re-print, send an email:

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