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Band of Holy Joy at Gallery 46

To Celebrate the release of DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT, the two-years in the making new album from Band of Holy Joy, they broadcast Notes From A Gallery an online exhibition of short film, performance art, live radio and wall art live from Gallery 46 and broadcast on YouTube nightly from the 24th to 27th of February. Two new video films from an astounding collection of artists (details below) will … Continue reading Band of Holy Joy at Gallery 46

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An exclusive podcast FIND US ON ITUNES, SPOTIFUCKYOU, and all your fave places, now. Some people earn the tag of legend – and for five decades Derek Ridgers, the London-based photographer has captured the Dark Carnival of the British underworld in our most radical club nights, from Blitz and Skin Two through to today’s Wraith Club.  Growing up in the 60s, and making his name … Continue reading GOTH SHOP x COLD LIPS

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Xstabeth by David Keenan

“My dad was a musician. A famous musician. But he was friends with a musician who was even famouser…” So begins the unforgettable Aleylina Andropov, from her hometown of St Petersburg where base is Snork’s, a DIY underground folk bar, full of weirdo bootlegs, and crate-digging maniacs hard on vodka. I know Aleylina, I like her. Her obscene and fatalistic realism is endearing. From debut … Continue reading Xstabeth by David Keenan

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Ketamine and the Great Poets. COLD LIPS 05: NIALL MCDEVITT x JOHNY BROWN

Irish poet Niall McDevitt lives in West London. He is the author of three critically acclaimed collections of poetry: b/w (Waterloo Press, 2010), Porterloo (International Times, 2013) and Firing Slits: Jerusalem Colportage (New River Press, 2016). His next collection will be BABYLON (a neoliberal theodicy) And Other Poems. Read more of his work at, where among his battles with the ironies of totemic values … Continue reading Ketamine and the Great Poets. COLD LIPS 05: NIALL MCDEVITT x JOHNY BROWN

Modern Poetry – live in Berlin

30 September 2020. 7pm local time, 6pm GMT(streamed by Neurotitan Gallery Berlin, Cold Lips & Gallery 46, London) Kirsty Allison, Rob Doyle, Kieran Leonard Neurotitan Gallery is the last remanent of the joy of reunification between East and West Berlin. After the wall fell in 1989, the free-for-all of the former no-man’s land in the area known as Mitte was attained by squatters in buildings … Continue reading Modern Poetry – live in Berlin


Paul Sakoilsky is the fabric of underground London’s art scene. A painter, performance artist and writer who has performed at our parties – for decades he has fearlessly documented the daftness of mainstream media in Britain in the Dark Times series of oil-painted ‘newspapers’, pounding ad hoardings of east London illicitly – and shown in numerous international galleries. In this poem, which he has performed … Continue reading COLD LIPS 05 x PAUL SAKOILSKY


Win Harms first collection, In Harms Way on Barncott Press was published in 2013, and closely followed by October 22, also on Barncott Press. Proof being, that poetry saves lives. Her own path reading like Rimbaud’s, from flower arranger to runaway bride. Introduced to Cold Lips at our old Sylvia Plath Fan Club, by fellow poet, Ana Seferovic, and Nina Zivancevic – carrying the spirit … Continue reading COLD LIPS 05 x WIN HARMS