Cold Lips 05 was a short run print edition put together over a couple of nights by editor Kirsty Allison to bring together content from the past year. 50 copies were sold and (largely) given away at gigs in Berlin and Prague. Thanks to all contributors.

These pages feature the wondrous Malik Ameer Crumpler, the Paris-based poet and musician, whose band, Madison Washington is released on Def Pressé.

Malik was introduced to Kirsty by Nina Zivancevic, the Belgrade-born writer, who hosted her in Paris, to perform at some of the nights that Malik hosts, including Paris Lit Up where he is Poetry Editor.

His recent book, Collected Raps, covers twenty years of his writing. From Oakland days, to Brooklyn, before settling in Paris. We reviewed in Cold Lips 04.

Malik is also the Editor-At-Large on the The Opiate, Editor-In-Chief Those That This Non-Fiction Staff Writer Itchy Silk. For more: go to

Here, he shares a rap that responds to Kirsty’s words on the forthcoming Vagrant Lovers album.

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