Cold Lips 👅 NO B-Listers

‘…the scruffy literary mag’

Le Cool London

‘Cold Lips is artistic & fabulous’

Doctor John Cooper Clarke

🖤re-fetishing print🖤

☠️no corpse copy  ☠️

⚡️we are against the corporate conservative  publishing +  marketeers speaking of disruption and lack of compromise, when all they do is perpetuate the myths of work, subservience, and consumer culture⚡️

💥born from the Sylvia Plath Fan Club spoken-word night (founded above a strip club in Shoreditch), COLD LIPS is proud to offer a re-energising paradigm in DIY publishing💥

💖if you’re rich – and have SES funding – we wanna launch an indie-Unbound, without the quail egg-budgets of fat controllers💖

🍄this is raw power: keeping subculture alive with true fashion leadership🍄

⚰️COLD LIPS disrupts all that has been before⚰️

founded by Kirsty Allison

THE FIRST EDITION 👇 art directed by El Kedge from Tomato > design by Ed Rivers & Laurence Dorrington > photography by Jason McGlade


founder / editor / publisher


INSTAGRAM: @kirstyallison