December is a busy month for us, we are leaving the mountain to do a little tour of London and the South Coast in conjunction with FarWest Press. The tour will be a literary / acoustic circus featuring Hákon Aðalsteinsson, Kirsty Allison, Richard Cabut, Gil De Ray and Jeffrey Wengrowsky mixing spoken word readings with solo acoustic performances. 


We’re blessed to be joined by Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson, whose band The Third Sound adds to five years playing guitar with The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  He will be performing acoustically at Gallery46, Margate and Brighton, reading from his debut book Our Broken Land (Far West Press).

Photo by Lilly Creightmore

And for both London shows and in Brighton, Richard Cabut, who kick-started us publishing books as Cold Lips, with his sold out Dark Entries, will share some of his newly published works: Disorderly Magic and Other Disturbances (Far West Press) and Looking for a Kiss (PC-Press, Sweat Drenched Press).

Photo of Richard Cabut and Kirsty Allison by Ian F Svenonius

And we have Jeffrey Wengrofsky to thank for pulling all of us together. Jeffrey is the last spirit of New York punk. He runs the Secrets film festival which premiered Gil and I’s debut collaboration a few years back, and his writing was published in Cold Lips magazine. Wengrofsky’s films celebrate his own underground heroes of New York, grabbing the grit and nuance of glorious obscurity. We’ll show a few of those at Dash The Henge Store, the stake in the ground of the modern South London scene. Wengrofsky will also be reading from his book, The Wolfman of Rego Park (Far West Press).

Photo by Kirsty Allison, Jeffrey Wengrofsky walking over Brooklyn Bridge

We’re also presenting the new acoustic songs by the bastard son of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, Gil De Ray. His new album,  Concrete Portrait (Cold Lips)  is inspired by the photography of Jason McGlade and marks a new intimate phase in his songwriting.

Last but not least is Kirsty Allison, our esteemed leader, novelist, poet, performer and all round force of nature. Kirsty will be doing special readings with musical accompaniment from Lily Creightmore on drone box duties.

Hope to see some of you there, a myriad of books and CD’s and other merch will be available at the venues listed above.