kirsty allison by jason mcglade


Print is not dead, it’s become underground again, writing even more sacred for subterfuge against surveillance society than spoken word – where televisions and phones monitor us, selling us a feedback loop which no-one but non-participants in the corporate ministries (as Danielle De Picciotto calls them) can escape.  It was the editor of Wire magazine who told me I must read Danielle’s book on Berlin, The Beauty of Transgression, I adored it.  I needed new influences.  Our correspondence now goes back to 2011.  The first edition of COLD LIPS is a response to having grown up in the media, I was writing for magazines and on TV at 19,  but who was gonna publish a story on De Picciotto?  Or people like her?  I started a literary night at Arts Club East in Shoreditch last year, the Sylvia Plath Fan Club, and have been met by such genuine thankful enthusiasm, I’ve put my hand in a very empty pocket to make a magazine, as an extension of the night.  Thanks for reading.

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Kirsty Allison, Editor





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