Kirsty Allison is now editing Ambit Magazine, and the work of Cold Lips is limited.

But here are our founding principles:

Yes – we do have ethics… in return for an exclusive COLD LIPS’ PRESS PASS, our valued cohort of colluders agree to the following:



To be agreed by contributors in return for the Cold Lips Press Pass:

1.) Facts – this is what we hang our stories from, unless it is fiction – and even so, fiction reads as fact, and images spark fiction.

2.) Style – is everything. 

3.) Clarity is everything else. In poetry. In all communication. 

4.) Time of our readers and viewers is to be respected. 

Always cut words that do not need to be there.  And always use a short word rather than a long one.

5.) Interview and listen. And quote verbatim – it is the privilege of access to demonstrate the language of a persons culture. Never lose context.

6.) Public interest is a spectrum which we defend. Our right to speak freely is our fight.  Truth, equality, diversity – always, and the right to reply.

7.) We derive our own content before taking what (to all attempts and purposes) appears available to all in the public sphere.  Our obligation is always to creators.

8.) PR wrangling and personal liaisons are complex and to be considered.  Associations are our blood – but incest is not required.

9.) Research dances highest on our hegemonic podium – to steal is to thieve from one source, to research is to steal from many.

10.) Be active, original, never passive. WE ARE COLD LIPS, we are strong, and the relationship between contributor & editor is private – until we publish.