As Trump announces his space police syndicate – COLD LIPS’ zips up our Space Force One jacket, chinks a FIFA beer over Space Farce, knowing our final frontier is preventing orange stupidity from resonating anywhere near our Sun Ra polyverse.  Here, we hold daily interdimensional court with Stanley Kubrick, and discuss proof of LIFE ON MARS, and Elon Musk’s theory that we live in a … Continue reading WE LOVE SPACE


Cold Lips like to party.  So as well as launching in fashion week in London supporting NOKI at the Subcultural Archives, we created some special poster editions, COLD LIPS III, and dragged them over to New York, for Jeffrey Wengrofsky’s film festival, Secrets of the Deep in downtown Manhattan. (PHOTOGRAPHS BY CRAIG STOKLE)

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Cold Lips III is a Festival of Dreams

Cold Lips launch the third printed edition in New York this Thursday with cover star: Douglas Hart* (Jesus and Mary Chain).  The special poster edition is art directed by Kedge of Underworld’s Tomato collective offers a taste of the forthcoming full journal.  (Available for £2.99 in our shop ☝️💋 – NB. Cold Lips II is sold out.) Centred around our New York correspondent, Jeffrey Wengrofsky’s … Continue reading Cold Lips III is a Festival of Dreams