These pages feature the collaboration of the wonderful, London-based but most international, artist and writer Trinity Tristan – a rare sequin on a beach of shells, with the immaculately energised poet/actor/director/writer who whirls with Hemingway’s promise, Scott Temple. Together they explore the delicate emergence of a summer friendship which passed from the deepest intimacies, in every sense a transition, through a work that began as … Continue reading COLD LIPS 05 TRINITY TRISTAN & SCOTT TEMPLE

Dr John Cooper Clarke podcast

“People are always saying ‘literally’ and they mean figuratively. Literally doesn’t mean literally anymore. Cause what defines a meaning of a word is how it is used. Language ain’t hard and fast, even in the Oxford dictionary. So ‘literally’ now, if you look in the Oxford English Dictionary, it no longer means the absolute fact. This is the conversation: He treated her like shit, literally. What? He flushed her down the lavatory? I mean no, surely, figuratively? In this case.” Continue reading Dr John Cooper Clarke podcast