Dean Stalham is a wondrous character, less drifting through life, more knowing it’s a rich dream whilst it lasts. With an eye for art, that’s taken him to prison, and the Royal Court, Dean’s known to have shifted Art somewhat illegally, with three stays at her majesty’s service after hauling £6 million’s worth of  four Andy Warhols, 13 Chagalls, 33 Dalis and two Cindy Shermans … Continue reading COLD LIPS 05 DEAN STALHAM

Hail the Tompkins Square underdogs

COLD LIPS gets a lot of mail.  Some is beautiful, some is the kinda stuff we don’t open: bills, demands, brown, deathly, stinky – rough with the smooth, uh? (Please support us by buying a print edition, fans!  Or a T-shirt. Or a groovy black tote bag with sexy gold screenprint…) When sieving through the overnight releases, music from Tompkins Square seeps through the hum of … Continue reading Hail the Tompkins Square underdogs