The first in the ICONS series from Cold Lips. The best music biographer of our times, Kris Needs was veering towards a book-length cover feature on original fe-punk Marianne Faithfull, for the next edition of our magazine. But a magazine only has so many pages…so we created this special edition – long enough to get to the meat of the muse. Masterly woven, with a … Continue reading MARIANNE FAITHFULL BY KRIS NEEDS


Cold Lips like to party.  So as well as launching in fashion week in London supporting NOKI at the Subcultural Archives, we created some special poster editions, COLD LIPS III, and dragged them over to New York, for Jeffrey Wengrofsky’s film festival, Secrets of the Deep in downtown Manhattan. (PHOTOGRAPHS BY CRAIG STOKLE)

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EXORCISES – Italy’s keep fit routine 👻🎃

Happy Halloween from Cold Lips – your fave heathens. Cool ghoul, Jeffrey Wengrofsky, is a native New York filmmaker – we met him at a preview screening of The Forgiveness of Judith Malina, his short film about the action theatre pioneer, with a soundtrack by James Sclavunos, Bad Seed, drummer for Nick Cave.   Wengrofsky’s other shorts include The Party in Taylor Mead’s Kitchen (a cockroach-ridden kitchen interview with … Continue reading EXORCISES – Italy’s keep fit routine 👻🎃