Cold Lips 05 JUDY NYLON

Some scenes don’t start without the girls who make it interesting. Casually credited by Britain’s most innovative producer of the 70s, Brian Eno, for developing ambient music on 1975’s Discreet Music, after first appearing with him on Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) in 1974, Judy Nylon is the sort of girl to take off her gloves and hat, and ask better questions than anyone in … Continue reading Cold Lips 05 JUDY NYLON

A Muse by Kieran Leonard

COLD LIPS: Curious about the line between Kieran Leonard on stage and the author … Talk to us about pseudonyms and alter-egos: KL: With the first record [as Saint Leonard’s Horses], I thought identity needed to be about beauty and truth.  But that is counter-intuitive, and admirable artists, whether Bob Dylan or whoever, they are constructs of a kind, and the idea of being a … Continue reading A Muse by Kieran Leonard