EINAUDI – in praise of shadows

Kirsty Allison writes in praise of pianos: There’s a cloud-haired Dracula in town tonight – sweeping onto stage, long Nosferatu piano fingers drifting through the curtains of two sold out shows at the hexagonal temple of the Union Chapel. Holding one hand on heart, before raising all the grandiose from the core beneath La Scala, with a perfectly subtle metered scale of heartie guts and hellish pain, … Continue reading EINAUDI – in praise of shadows

DOC N ROLL Festival 2018

Doc’n Roll Film Festival is the wonderfully spirited, independent film festival that only shows music-based documentaries.  It challenges with international stories, and is gaining an international reputation for being THE place to premiere your film – and it opens on NOVEMBER 1st.  Organised by the brilliant Colm Forde and Vanessa Lobon Garcia, they are two reasons why London is a city that continues to challenge and … Continue reading DOC N ROLL Festival 2018

NORTHERN POETS – you can die of exposure – advice from 4 poets

IS THAT LINTON KWESI-JOHNSON HOLDING A COPY OF COLD LIPS? Well, yes, it is.  Pictured with the fabulous Joy Francis who’s helped lead the Jerwood Charitable Foundation’s inaugural journey into poetry, with the new Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowships – aiming to challenge what poetry is, and who creates it – this photo was taken at the recent – AMAZING talk on DUB POET Michael Smith … Continue reading NORTHERN POETS – you can die of exposure – advice from 4 poets