Kikagaku Moyo, Electric Brixton 🌘🍄🌘

London, 25 May 2019: A cool crew of boys with hair that felts together in a wig of 70s squat, expand around the balcony of the Electric in Brixton tonight for an extravaganza of neo-acid rock – surrounded by girls you wanna meet walking the California desert – tassels, feathers, denim, crochet – long hair, wild hearts. Headlined by Kikagaku Moyo (it’s taken 10 times … Continue reading Kikagaku Moyo, Electric Brixton 🌘🍄🌘


All photographs by Martyn Goodacre, except images of Danielle De Picciotto’s art, and Alexander Hacke’s studio… Clouds’ shadows camouflage the sea.  Sardine boats dodge the lifeboat wind farms.  I jet-trash over last night’s cab, and the phone left on the back seat. SCHONEFIELD AIRPORT “Yes,” with an ‘of course’-face, “It has all the streets on it.” The tourist board office give me a map with … Continue reading PHONELESS IN BERLIN by Kirsty Allison