Martyn Goodacre photobook

“Just by chance I met up with a friend who’d come down from the Midlands. He’d morphed from a public school boy Jam fan into a revolutionary liberator of empty council flats in hard-to-let areas where boarded up flats outnumbered the ones occupied. Suddenly I had become a squatter. It was all remarkably easy. Nobody wanted to live in a rough-as-hell estate just off the Old Kent Road where I would meet an assortment of vagabonds, lollopers, scruffy ‘erberts, vicious Sids and psychedelic dandies. It would become my home for twenty-two very full, very stimulating unpredictable years,” Martyn Goodacre, in an excerpt from his introduction to the second book from Cold Lips Press – links to podcast here.

Do you recognise his iconic photograph of Kurt Cobain? Continue reading Martyn Goodacre photobook


In 1994 Rave split in two directions:  the clean and the dirty.  Illegal raves were shut down under the eery Criminal Justice Act, with the threat of sound systems being imprisoned, and organisers of parties being marched off equally quietly.  The new dawn of sanitisation came with the nation inventing tax-happy alcopops; rave went safely indoors, away from pagan sunrises, into a world of government … Continue reading RAVE AGAINST THE MACHINE