EINAUDI – in praise of shadows

Kirsty Allison writes in praise of pianos: There’s a cloud-haired Dracula in town tonight – sweeping onto stage, long Nosferatu piano fingers drifting through the curtains of two sold out shows at the hexagonal temple of the Union Chapel. Holding one hand on heart, before raising all the grandiose from the core beneath La Scala, with a perfectly subtle metered scale of heartie guts and hellish pain, … Continue reading EINAUDI – in praise of shadows

The Forty-Year Polaroid by Jeffrey Wengrofsky

“If you ask me, I think everything happened in 1980, but a lot happened in a short period of time,” muses Thacker, whose own recollections are a bit mottled by having lived through it all. Gail Thacker’s Polaroid photos are stamped with the wild beat of their moment – cheating time and sometimes death – offering the viewer a glimpse of four decades of daring art accomplices in her first solo show in Chelsea, the center of New York City’s art scene.  Continue reading The Forty-Year Polaroid by Jeffrey Wengrofsky