Cold Lips 05 Letter from the Editor

Cold Lips 05 was a short run print edition put together over a couple of nights, to bring together content which had been sifted through over the previous year. Only 50 copies were made, and were largely given away at gigs for the Vagrant Lovers, with Danielle De Picciotto, in Berlin, and a poetry night Kirsty Allison did in Prague. There was an intention to … Continue reading Cold Lips 05 Letter from the Editor

Martyn Goodacre photobook

“Just by chance I met up with a friend who’d come down from the Midlands. He’d morphed from a public school boy Jam fan into a revolutionary liberator of empty council flats in hard-to-let areas where boarded up flats outnumbered the ones occupied. Suddenly I had become a squatter. It was all remarkably easy. Nobody wanted to live in a rough-as-hell estate just off the Old Kent Road where I would meet an assortment of vagabonds, lollopers, scruffy ‘erberts, vicious Sids and psychedelic dandies. It would become my home for twenty-two very full, very stimulating unpredictable years,” Martyn Goodacre, in an excerpt from his introduction to the second book from Cold Lips Press – links to podcast here.

Do you recognise his iconic photograph of Kurt Cobain? Continue reading Martyn Goodacre photobook

Mark Reeder podcast with Kirsty Allison

Recorded in Berlin February, around the launch of Martyn Goodacre’s book, Kirsty first met Mark Reeder in London, at the Tresor retrospective hosted by Red Gallery.

Subsequently she featured him in her pages in DJMag, not once or twice, but in the feature that spanned his beginnings as the Berlin rep for Factory Records in the late 70s, to putting on illegal gigs in East Berlin before the wall fell, to creating MFS Records in the 90s – and now with Chinese band, Stolen – OVER THREE EDITIONS. Unknown pleasures.

Here they met in a coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon. Continue reading Mark Reeder podcast with Kirsty Allison


All photographs by Martyn Goodacre, except images of Danielle De Picciotto’s art, and Alexander Hacke’s studio… Clouds’ shadows camouflage the sea.  Sardine boats dodge the lifeboat wind farms.  I jet-trash over last night’s cab, and the phone left on the back seat. SCHONEFIELD AIRPORT “Yes,” with an ‘of course’-face, “It has all the streets on it.” The tourist board office give me a map with … Continue reading PHONELESS IN BERLIN by Kirsty Allison