Cold Lips 05 Letter from the Editor

Cold Lips 05 was a short run print edition put together over a couple of nights, to bring together content which had been sifted through over the previous year. Only 50 copies were made, and were largely given away at gigs for the Vagrant Lovers, with Danielle De Picciotto, in Berlin, and a poetry night Kirsty Allison did in Prague. There was an intention to … Continue reading Cold Lips 05 Letter from the Editor


AND THEY’RE PLAYING LIVE AT OUR FREEEE CELEBRATION OF LIFE LATER AT THE SOCIAL! DOORS AT 7pm! VOODOOTRON is the new project from Glaswegian-born Londoner Gil De Ray – and Parisian-born Helsinki resident, Benjamin Floor Trauma.  “The Gun Club on mushrooms” is how COLD LIPS’ DJ Chris Rotter describes it, but with elements of Ray Manzarek’s piano for The Doors, and the gnarling bass of … Continue reading VOODOOTRON + SEX CELLS OUT TODAY