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“the girls find out what the boys do when the girls aren’t around, and the guys will recognise what other guys do when they’re not around” Chris Sullivan“As Cold Lip’s first publication it makes punk’s primal pose holdable. Suddenly all the rage and all of that prepossession, is delivered again to the devil, which is, as part of us all, malleable. We shape what we need from what we fear and desire as a way to contain our depression As well as our awe at the dark. As does this bitter book, that bites the hand moving for it. Trace its mark. ‘Happiness isn’t a state.. It’s an activity.’ Cabut tells us. And so it proves: Sex as art.” – David Erdos review in International Times (

“I thoroughly endorse this perceptively tawdry little slab of neurotic erotica. I’m loving Dark Entries. Great brutal wicked funny post everything novella.” – Johny Brown – singer with the Band of Holy Joy, creator of Bad Punk radio show (Resonance FM)

“A brilliant cross between Henry Miller, Hans Fallada and Bukowski,” Paul Thompson Kirk, Akatombo

“A chilling chronicle of city sickness, Cabut’s drink and semen-soaked account of a soi-disant blogger documents the mores and uncertainty of the contemporary capital better than the tribe of self-appointed scribes it depicts ever manage to.” Andrew Stevens, editor, 3AM Magazine.


Dark Entries is a pitiless and uncompromising dissection of the contemporary psyche. It is a savage and brutally honest peek at a modern lifestyle characterised by aimlessness, and self abuse via reliance on extreme pornography and alcohol. Containing an atmosphere laden with sexual anxiety and frustration, the novella is both a psycho pulp and an urban blues.

A cultural critique as well as fiction, Dark Entries reveals deeper patterns –male entitlement, relationship breakdown, pent-up misogynistic rage, self-loathing – all incisively traced.

The novella is a tale of suspense underpinned with intellectual bite, abnegation and nihilism.

Richard Cabut encases complex ideas in the flesh, blood and sexual fluid needed to render them visceral. He creates an unsettling portrait, acute and stingingly intimate – an extreme close-up that burns into the memory.

Millie Radakoviċ’s accompanying photographs combine poise with emotional acuity. They echo the book’s naked and confessional theme – of bringing the private into the public in order to make cultural breakthroughs, revealing human truths.

Dark entries invite reverse

Richard Cabut – Biography

Richard Cabut is editor/-writer of the anthology Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night (Zer0 Books, October 2017), contributor to Ripped, Torn and CutPop, Politics and Punks Fanzines From 1976 (Manchester University Press, 2018) and Growing Up With Punk (Nice Time, 2018). 

His journalism has featured in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, NME (pen name Richard North), ZigZag, The Big Issue, Time Out, Offbeat magazine, the Independent, Artists & Illustrators magazine, thefirstpost, London Arts Board/Arts Council England, Siren magazine, etc.

He was a features writer for the BBC for ten years. Richard has ghost written several books for the Geneva-based publishing company Arcadian Life.

Richard’s fiction has appeared in the books The Edgier Waters (Snowbooks, 2006) and Affinity (67 Press, 2015). He was a Pushcart Prize nominee 2016.

Other literary pieces have featured in Paris Bitter Hearts Pit magazine, Cold Lips, Foggy Plasma magazine, Intellectual Refuge,, 3AMagazine, Zouch, Descent.

Richard’s plays have been performed at various theatres in London and nationwide, including the Arts Theatre, Covent Garden, London.

He published the fanzine Kick, and played bass for the punk band Brigandage (LP Pretty Funny Thing – Gung Ho Records, 1986).


Publisher: Kirsty Allison, with associate editor: Gil De Ray

Cover art: Personality Crisis

Layout: Anne-Cathrin Saure, Berlin 

This book was lovingly published by Cold Lips – the first book from the house of Cold Lips magazine, founded by Kirsty Allison, further to her Sylvia Plath Fan Club nights in Shoreditch that explored poetry and lyric.  Joined by associate editor and musical collaborator Gil De Ray, with Personality Crisis and Anne-Cathrin Saure on design.

Dark Entries by Richard Cabut with photographs by Millie Radakoviċ

ISBN: 978-1-9160796-0-1

Publishing date: 12 July 2019

Price: £12

Pages: 150, matt laminate cover, Arcoprint Milk pages

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