Why do we dance?  To belong?  To free ourselves? And Then We Danced is a film by Swedish-born Levan Akin that has absorbed festivals from Venice to Cannes. And had a few bricks thrown at it on homeground.  Written by Kirsty Allison, this review appears in the March edition of DJMag, alongside a feature on the brilliant and highly recommended new book, Threshold (Bloomsbury) by … Continue reading BY GEORGIA, DANCE FREE 🌈

A very waylaid post on the Dark Entries book launch

Thanks to Gerry’s for hosting – Michael Dillon, and Phil Dirtbox.  Ace discussion hosted by Chris Sullivan. Guests including Cathi Unsworth, Travis Elborough, John Tiberi, Neal Brown, Tony Drayton, Gaz Mayall, Dallas Athent, Delilah Jay, and all attendees for making it a wonderful celebration – a reading from David Erdos, who’s since written this piece for International Times. Photographs by Ronnie Randall.   Continue reading A very waylaid post on the Dark Entries book launch

CHRISTEENE sucks the mic of limitations

The stage is a place without limits – it’s only the limitations of the performers and writers, and the struggle within the audience that restricts the enjoyment of entertainment and art – so when the world leader of transgressive creation, Christeene tributes arch boundary explorer Sinead O’Connor “her capacity to survive, her private and very public wars with the church, her compassion and vulnerability”  – … Continue reading CHRISTEENE sucks the mic of limitations