Mark Stewart and the Mehmet Sander Maffia

Punks love The Pop Group.  Liberty City is the first visual document to accompany former frontman’s Mark Stewart’s curveball debut solo record: Learning To Cope With Cowardice, and features a collab with Cold Lips’ fave choreographer Mehmet Sander – who prefers the title “action architect”. Read about Cold Lips’ experience of Mehmet Sander’s London workshop at the Chisenhale dance space which also birthed the earlier fashion … Continue reading Mark Stewart and the Mehmet Sander Maffia


All we do here is INFECT THE CULTURE, yeah baby!  And you punk-goth-alternative-artist types may not want a holiday in the sun, so what instead? Why not feel something in a new city benefiting from the LUXEUM sector –  plan a BREAK around those kinda institutions where the wealthy drop cash like their jet-trash trail of Insta-architectural porn in the shops, restaurants, and hotels around … Continue reading CULTURAL HOLIDAY?