COLD LIPS update

We are proud to announce The Doorals by Mark Gilroy (Gil De Ray’s late brother) is up for pre-order now.

Kirsty Allison (founder of Cold Lips) is now editor-in-chief on Ambit, where her first ever short fiction was published back in 2007. Her cult novel PSYCHOMACHIA is out now, Wrecking Ball Press. Updates and exclusives are available on her Substack. She is recording as Vagrant Lovers (◀︎click for exclusive merch) with Cold Lips’ associate editor, and arch shaman, Gil De Ray. Listen to his music exclusively on Bandcamp, and buy more Cold Lips Records direct from them both there.

Cold Lips continue to share information on Instagram, and podcasts are updated sporadically. Please subscribe.

Photo by Martyn Goodacre, Berlin, 2020

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