Paul Sakoilsky is the fabric of underground London’s art scene. A painter, performance artist and writer who has performed at our parties – for decades he has fearlessly documented the daftness of mainstream media in Britain in the Dark Times series of oil-painted ‘newspapers’, pounding ad hoardings of east London illicitly – and shown in numerous international galleries.

In this poem, which he has performed Cold Lips, Krautrock Kareoke, and recently recorded with Matty Skylab, in rare collision of spoken word and complimentary sound, he plays tribute to the murdered poet, Paulo Pasolini.

Sakoilsky escaped to Austria in his younger days, and trained with the great surreal action performer Herman Nitsch – which led to his festival fave action of Kunst Klown – where audience interact by throwing foam pies – in a cataclysm of sliding clown paint where the artist is attacked in the spectacle. Every year his collection of #darktimes reaches new levels implausible power as the hegemony gains new levels of strength.

Sakoilsky stands with Viviane Carneiro in this photo by Kirsty Allison taken at Le Gun party at The Dolphin in Hackney, 2019.

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