Win Harms first collection, In Harms Way on Barncott Press was published in 2013, and closely followed by October 22, also on Barncott Press. Proof being, that poetry saves lives. Her own path reading like Rimbaud’s, from flower arranger to runaway bride. Introduced to Cold Lips at our old Sylvia Plath Fan Club, by fellow poet, Ana Seferovic, and Nina Zivancevic – carrying the spirit of all the hardcore male writers we love so much, that night she ran into Soho with the late poet, Gary Fairfull for a full baptism of London. Win Harm’s a rare, hardcore queen of words, with the gift of enchantment – hailed from the darkest ravines. Currently based in Amsterdam, where she initiated the Rough Night Press, she hosts poetic happenings and creations. Win also experiments in music, currently as Poetic Synthonautics, and creates art in the spirit of Burroughs, always pushing the boundaries of creativity to excess.


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