Cold Lips 01

Art directed by Kedge, layout by Ed Rivers & Laurence Dorrington.

Kedge and Kirsty Allison first collaborated on the Red Gallery Book: Making Something Out of Nothing (2014), which was written by Kirsty, under direction from Ernesto Leal, and his partners in the large, groundbreaking space.

The book centred around Shoreditch’s Red Gallery call as a modernist utopia and the necessity of maintaining creative public spaces. The book honoured the key participants of Red Gallery, who platformed diverse ideas at the end point of Shoreditch’s ‘regeneration’.

The space built was inspired by Factory Records’ club The Hacienda, who took their name from Ivan Chtcheglov’s Formulary for a New Urbanism:

” The hacienda must be built…It must be sought in the magic locales of fairy tales and surrealist writings: castles, endless walls, little forgotten bars, mammoth caverns, casino mirrors.”

Kedge was a member and shareholder of the London based global design group, tomato from 1994—2013. He collaborated with Kirsty and Red Gallery on numerous catalogues during its active years 2010-2019.

The alternative cover for Cold Lips 01 features artist Sue Webster, who performed at the launch party
Portraits by Jason McGlade

The Birthday Party by Sue Webster

Tuesday 16th April 1985

Ruth’s 17th Birthday Party

Steve Hancock came round at 7.15 but couldn’t talk as I had to leave at 8.00.

Met Charlie and Chris in The White Horse.

Drank 3 litres of cider in the Churchyard and got pissed on a bottle of Sherry in the garden.

Don’t remember crawling along the carpet in front of Ruth’s Mam.

I left with Bowney at 11.30pm as there was a food fight about to break out.

He screwed me in the Ice House at the back of the school playing fields on the way home.

I threw up chocolate biscuits at 6am, had a cup of tea and was sick twice again.

He’s got my socks.

I was still pissed when I went to school.

Will things between us ever be the same again?

Chris came down tonight we got a bottle of cider and drank it in the reccy like nothing else mattered.

Then went up to see Louise and tried our hardest not to spit Tuesday out.

Sue Webster: @myblackbaby

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