Feltham Made Me, the oral history novel of three friends has been adapted into a 90 minute audio play by writer of the book, Paolo Sedazzari.

The audio play features the vocal acting talents of the legendary PERRY BENSON (This Is England, Benidorm), Mike Holoway (The Tomorrow People, Minder), Tat Whalley (Rockin’ Chair, The Messenger; The Story of Joan of Arc).

COLD LIPS reviewed the book in our last edition*.  We also suggested the book deserved to be explored in more mediums, such as the inimitable plays of the hardest working playwright, soundscaper, and lyricist in the business of words – Johny Brown – a poet taught at the Sorbonne by our dear contributor, Nina Zivancevic.

Johnny Brown’s BAD PUNK SHOW archive is here, so if you’re reading this after Jan 25th 2019, you know where to cruise onto:

Here’s the Bill Drummond play with the acting skills of editor, Kirsty Allison, with the brilliant, ever influential Tam Dean Burn, and Madame’s Suki Smith.

*of which few remain (get yours soon, we’ll go to the post office for you).  LOVE x



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