X-Ray in the Country

Artist Nick Veasey collaborates with Balenciaga,  Louboutin and more. He opens the Process Gallery in Lenham, near Maidstone, Kent, UK to the public on November 16. 

X-ray is an honest process – it has integrity, it reveals how a subject is designed whether that be by man or by nature. By removing surface detail and exposing the normally invisible internal make up of an object my work is a continuous comment about the superficiality of modern life. It’s what is on the inside that really matters.” 

The gallery combines his working studio with a gallery space and in 2019, sculpture gardens.  Something for next year’s @lcdtravel #travelanddestinations competition we featured recently.  As well as showing Veasey’s work, the gallery will in the future support other contemporary artists. It also provides a world first, as visitors will be able to watch Nick at work in the purpose built X-ray chamber.

The architect Guy Hollaway comments: “Our inspiration for the building was to reflect the function of the artist. The sculptural form of the chamber emulates the splay of the X-ray machine. Objects are X-rayed from above, the higher the X-ray machine, the larger the object which can be captured. The entire building exposes the artist’s process, complete with a camera- lens window which frames a view of the gallery.”


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