FINE TIMES!  We’re strong at partying, in good company…

Thanks to everyone who came to the party we had in London – at Heavenly Records’ founded The Social on Little Portland Street, near the BBC, halfway to TopShop, or Oxford Circus, as it is known…

We’ll write up something on the Berlin party too – swoooonie…

VOODOOTRON’s first gig was amazing, all the best post-rave bits of electronic punks Suicide and the psychedelic beauty of Ray Manzarek’s riding storm piano for The Doors, with proper acid-house techno, and indie balearic brilliance.   SEX CELLS – new school artronica, beautiful – DOUG HART (how we danced) – LOL HAMMOND (how we raved, with actress T’Nia Miller from the forthcoming OBEY on the mic) – and poetry from Paul Sakoilsky, Ana Sefer, and editor, Kirsty Allison.  Thanks to Lilly Creightmore for grabbing the Polaroid camera.

Doug n Danny at The Social
Doug Hart, Kirsty Allison, Danny Fields
Ana reading at The Social
Ana Sefer


Andy n Nina
Andy Fraser, Nina Pall


Doug DJing at The Social
Doug Hart (original Jesus + Mary Chain bassist, cinephile, filmmaker to the true school)
Heathcote at The Social
Heathcote Ruthven
Joseph n Kirsty
Lol, Thea, Heathcote at The Social
Lol Hammond, Kirsty Allison, T’Nia Miller, Heathcote Ruthven, Lauren Gayle
Sex Cells




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