Cold Lips III is a Festival of Dreams

Cold Lips launch the third printed edition in New York this Thursday with cover star: Douglas Hart* (Jesus and Mary Chain). 

The special poster edition is art directed by Kedge of Underworld’s Tomato collective offers a taste of the forthcoming full journal.  (Available for £2.99 in our shop ☝️💋 – NB. Cold Lips II is sold out.) Centred around our New York correspondent, Jeffrey Wengrofsky’s short film festival, Secrets of the Deep, showing 10 films on dreams, his official selection includes the Samantha Morton written, Kubrick-inspired Anywhere Out Of This World directed by Douglas Hart, originally commissioned by Unkle’s James Lavelle.  It is the premiere of Double Play, a collaboration between Cold Lips’ editor, Kirsty Allison and Gil De Ray.  Their film was shot in New Orleans and features the debut of his Dream Pirate music project with Welfare’s Pat Whelan (Vagrant Lovers), and the first music recordings of her poetry, produced by Gil De Ray.  It explores the visionary power of the sub-conscious and creativity.

JEFFREY WENGROFSKY  comes from the punk rock underground of early 1980s New York.  He is dedicated to the notion that, in a free society, citizens are cultural producers, not merely consumers.  He founded the Secrets short film festival.  “Punk taught me that art needn’t be a bore. Five to ten minute films are likely to have more energy than longer films. I wanted to design an event that would have the speed and thrills of the old hardcore shows I used to see at CBGB with eight bands, short sets, and two-minute songs.”
The festival also features films from vocalist and multi-instrumentalist She Rocola, Joe Whitney (The Flaming Stars),  British-born L.A.-based filmmaker and twice Emmy Award nominated actor Emily O’Brien (The Young and the Restless), and British-born and NYC based Stephen Rutterford of Brooklyn-Brothers ad agency.

“I believe that higher-order understandings sometimes arrive through seeing an immediate correspondence between a thought and reality, but just as often they develop indirectly, by Freudian suggestion, allusion, and changes in cognition. Films, and art in general, influence how I think, which shapes what I think. Sometimes I am baffled by art when I encounter it, so it runs around my head for a while, tipping over settled thought structures.  So, perhaps, films can open up the world by entering our eyes and ears, altering our perception and – presto chango! – the world appears anew with secrets revealed.”

Secrets of the Deep is the fourth instalment of the Secrets series.  Ten short films are selected on a specific topic: Secrets of the Heart, Secrets of the Insect World, Secrets of the Intoxicated Life, and the new program on dreams.  Secrets of the Deep attracted 415 international submissions. 

Read more, and an exclusive interview with Douglas Hart in the new edition.

Secrets of the Deep is happening on Thursday, January 25, 2017, at 8pm.

Location: Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street, NYC. Proceeds are being donated to the preservation of this important theatre.

Tickets: $15, $10 (seniors and students w/ID). Cash on door. 

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An exclusive essay by Jeffrey Wengrofsky, ill be published in the following COLD LIPS IV.  
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