FACTORY DE JOIE? or NO TAPE INSIDE? Vicious TRIPPERS n psych STRIPPERS, nu-mods n old-skool rockers …

Oi! Squad!  What you doing Friday 18th August 2017?  You in London?  You gonna be eastside? You gonna be hanging with the art ruckesses at the Moth Club, Hackney? Or Paper Dress Vintage, for the burlesque girls and Cold Lips editor, Kirsty Allison’s third gig with Malcolm McLaren’s protege, drummer with Adam Ant & Bow Wow Wow, inventor of the Burundi Beat – Mr Dave Barbarossa?


The psychedelic experience of Helen De Joie’s Factory de Joie features HOT


Helen De Joie will be joined by Constance Peach and the Voodoo Trip Dancers
DAVE & KIRSTY karl fox
Kirsty Allison & Dave Barbarossa’s first gig at the Cold Lips II party, supporting Dr John Cooper Clarke

FACTORY DE JOIE also hosts:++++++++++psych garage from DEAD COAST++++ the cool riot of THE PACERS [CLICK ON IMAGES FOR MORE]

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The night at the Moth Club is for No Tape Inside : fundraising for a groundbreaking mental wellbeing film commissioned by the ICA for Channel 4, set to be all out mental, in the best possible way –  Jodorowsky x  glitching in the John Waters vein of Barbara Hammer’s new initiative to fund lesbian filmmakers.  The commission comes from the ICA – but Katia’s the kinda girl who needs more – so help a lady in need, encouraging all of us viewers to experience various aspects of mental health problems and understand it better.  Yh?

The night features live music, DJs, spoken word, projections, set design, raffles and tattoo appointments from Howling Hands.


No Tape Inside founder Katia Ganfield says, ‘This event is an exciting opportunity to raise further awareness towards mental health in an interesting and inspiring way. A majority of the people involved have suffered with mental health and found ways to channel their energy positively – it’s a place where people can safely express their own realities and celebrate the diversity within our society and our different ways of thinking. 

Her film work, for some of the hippest bands in London, challenges and throws the splicer in the Kool Aid Nutribullet.


‘Mental illness is not a ‘disease’ or something to be ashamed of, it’s all part of being human and is a challenge that allows us to progress and become better human beings as a result. It takes the unique approach of being a music and arts film that aims to document both the mainstream and the underground. Filmed in surrealist locations and featuring abstract performances and interviews, I am having conversations with people that usually wouldn’t be had. I want to bring people into the worlds of some of the best creative minds through this film and encourage the issue of mental health to arise in topics of conversation in a positive way.’ 

The Livetree campaign will launch on the same night (18th August) to begin collecting funds from ticket sales, and any extra donations are highly appreciated.

Live Performances from:




Poetry and words from: Jamie Lee (Money): Nuha Ruby Ra (Arrows of Love): and COLD LIPS’ fave, Bruno Wizard (The Homosexuals)

Set design by LISA WILGRESS

All proceeds going towards the film: TICKETS VIA DICE 


TICKETS FOR FACTORY DE JOIE, and let’s not forget the DJs for that one:
John the Revelator ★ Les Petits Feet – DJ (Psych-A-Rella Club Psych-A-Rella Records)


!HELL BABY – DO EVERYTHING, or do nothing!!



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