Sunrise 4.44 dark and heavy cloud east and above, today
will go on for 16 hours 49min and 25 seconds, very much
need to say ritual call to prayer and hope for fIery

Burn creature, burn creator, burn history, burn
prophecy, burn concrete, burn steel, burn the abstract
and surreal, burn money, burn sex, burn war, burn hex,
burn news, burn views.

Burn Brandy and Monica killing Whitney in illuminati
rite, burn Beyonce in Black Panther Salute Superbowl
illuminati rite, burn Madonna as Baphomet in Superbowl
illuminati rite.

Burn Janet Jackson exposed nipple, burn spectacle, burn
television, burn Empire Boardwalk, burn Breaking Bad,
burn Sons of Anarchy, burn Kristina Borgen and Saga

Yeah, burn bridges and all other contingency plans, burn
anything to get us out of here, burn courage, burn fear,
burn the black lips, burn the dirty hips.

Burn me, burn you, burn the rest of them too, burn everything you love and everything you
hate, burn chaos and magic and fortune and fate.

Burn glamour, burn style, burn vanity for a while, burn Roxy, burn Bowie, burn Rotten in the
streets, burn Hollywood and burn the neighbourhood, yeah, burn away at the greater good.

Burn all warring nations, burn celebrity reputations, burn the dancers on the foor, burn the
shadow at the door, burn the greedy concrete planet just a little bitty more.

Burn the wind and burn the stars, burn the holy drinkers in the disappearing bars, burn it as
fuel to get us out of here, into a sky where time is clear.

Propel us to that place, blast us all into space and leave this world behind, set out to see
what we can fInd, deep into our Minds, and no looking back, this is all out attack, attack,

Sunset 9.34 dark heavy cloud east and above, rain coming hard now, can see oil rig burning in
Distance and crew all dancing a drunken Jig around bonfIre. Prayer works Moderately.

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