‘I’m Fee: Fee the clothes label, Fee the DJ, Fee the witch queen of Old Street. I practice my powers every night. I get into bed and close my eyes and I visualise my desire. I can focus on things which need to happen and make everything go my way. It’s a mission really. I first discovered my powers when I was a child – I was told of their existence by other practitioners of the Craft.

‘For me each day is different. I have dress commissions, DJing at night, hangovers! I go out a lot and have a good time. I put on parties and clubs and we get this incredible raw fanatical behaviour where the people at the parties just get off on the vibe. It’s like modern day tribalism and I believe my parties are the rituals of my form of the Craft – it’s just a really pagan atmosphere and I find it really sexy. There are a lot of witches who come to our parties.

‘I’ve never wanted to touch black magic myself but, a while ago, I asked someone to put a hex on my ex. They did, but it all too much so I broke the spell by telling him I’d done it. I don’t need to be bitch to get what I want. Sometimes thought, I can’t control my power – it’s like an untamed energy. Once, at New Year, there was this girl who was kind of getting in my way and I just got this burning feeling inside went up to say something to her. As I did, her hair caught fire. I did absolutely nothing to make that happen, I didn’t even have a cigarette around and her just went up in a puff of smoke. It was so weird.

‘I don’t want to join a coven because I believe that I’m my own Goddess and I don’t want to be praying to someone else’s idea of a Goddess. I just couldn’t do it. You don’t need a coven when you’ve got a mirror and make-up.

‘My first loves are clothes and music. That may seem shallow, but at least I don’t need symbols of unicorns and pentacles. You can be a really good Christian and not go to church and not wear a cross. I have my own ways of celebrating my beliefs. Usually I just draw the curtains, put on my cloak (which used to belong to a real witch) and play my records. The cloak is great actually – I found it in a second-hand shop and as soon as I saw it I knew it belonged to someone with the power. It’s got this long hood down the back and it’s floor length all black velvet with a blood red lining. I’d love to take my private magic a step further and get a load of girlfriends ‘round, make some outfits, listen to heavy metal and create havoc.

‘I do know about traditional Wicca, but it’s not really up my street. I’m far too impatient to go through the seven years of training needed to become fully initiated. There aren’t than many forests to dance around naked near here. I met my first witch when I was about seven and I’ve met quite a lot of them since. Some smoke cigars, some are goth. A lot are fringe eccentrics, but they all recognise this talent I have. I think it affects everyone around me – they’re protected by my aura of positivity.’

– extract from Scene Magazine, November 1997

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