In her latest music video, pop/hip-hop/ska songstress LOLA COCA rummages through an extensive closet. She tries on many outfits, but decides to dress up as a Bad Girlfriend. Check out the single below:

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Mama would say that treating them mean | always keeps them keen | and they never wanna leave, though the light is green | and his mum hates me for whatever reason | I’m always gonna be | that thing in between them | she’s doing his cleaning, I’m watching T.V | acting like I can’t hear her!

Listen to her latest single, GQ, here:","url":"","resolvedBy":"soundcloud","floatDir":null,"authorName":"Lola Coca","version":1,"title":"GQ by Lola Coca","resolved":true,"type":"rich","providerName":"SoundCloud","description":"","providerUrl":""}” data-block-type=”22″>

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